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Monday, May 24, 2010

How to open a clickbank account

In the past, I always wondered how Nigerians can sell on clickbank and receive their checks here in Nigeria. This report will show you how you can safely and securely open a click bank account right here in Nigeria without any trouble.

First, for you to open a click bank account you must have a foreign address. The reason for a foreign address is because at the moment click bank does not accept Nigerians. You can make use of the address of your relation who lives abroad, but if you do not have someone abroad that you can rely on to give you his address, then read on to find out how you can get a foreign address.

I want to introduce you to a service company called Graph Card. They offer a virtual address. Virtual address means they will give you a specific and personalize U.S.A address. With your virtual address you can also receive foreign checks without having a Domiciliary account.

So the first thing is to open a graph card account and register with them as a Nigerian. Their website is Registration is FREE. You either choose a personal or reseller account.
Once you open your account you will see that graph card offers different services one of them is: Virtual Office. If you apply for this Virtual Office, you will be given a virtual address, and that is the address that you will require to open your click bank account.

Graph card charges just $5 a month for a virtual address [about N10,000 per year]. So, you will need to fund your graph card account first. Then, you can generate your virtual address instantly.

To fund your graph card account you can use VTN You can click this link to access VTN and fund your account.

Once your account is funded in less than 10 seconds you will have your own virtual address created instantly and like I said, it will be just for you. This is what graph card addresses looks like:

P MB: 1212 , 8101 Sandy Spring Road
Suite 220, Laurel MD 20707

All graph card address looks like that. The addresses are always the same it is just the PMB that is different. The only way they will know an address is yours is the PMB.
Once you have obtained your virtual address you will then go back to and sign up.

When opening a click bank account you should note that click bank asks for payee name. In the payee name box, the name you are to put is: LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC. and then put the virtual address that graph card gave to you as the place you want your check to be sent to. In the second part of the form, you can put in your real name; but not at the payee information.

Once you do this simple step, in less than 8 minutes you will be able to open your own click bank account right here in Nigeria without any problem.

Initially I told you to put LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC where click bank asks for a payee name. The reason is because when you have opened your click bank account and you want to receive your check, click bank will send the check to the virtual address that you placed while opening an account with them.

The payee name is LFR COMMUNICATIONS INC, so graph card gets to receive the check and once your check gets to graph card all they do is to look at the PMB in the address box to confirm who exactly owns the check. Once graph card receive the check they look at the address and from the PMB they will automatically send the money into your graph card account. They convert your check money and then fund it into your graph account in less than 48hrs after the checks arrives to them.

Once that is done then you can withdraw your money whenever you choose. There are two ways graph card can convert your graph card money into real cash. One of them is through western union you can decide to send the money in your graph card account through western union to yourself and in 72hrs you will be able to receive your money.

The best way is to have a GTBank account. With your GTBank account all you have to do is to send the money directly into your GTBank account and in 48hrs you will find your money in your account waiting for you!!!

Remember you don't need a Domiciliary account and you don't even need to wait for 21 days for the bank to clear your check. With the above method I just shared you can have your money in less than 5 days after click bank sends your check.

You don't need to change your I.P address since you are dealing with click
bank. There is no law that says that someone in America cannot operate a click bank account in Nigeria, as is the case for paypal.


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