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Monday, January 2, 2012

Etisalat Free SMS ( Call Me Back SMS)

Have you been wondering how to get across to your friend, colleague,
partner etc on etisalat network but have no airtime on your phone or
you simply want to play a fast one and save the credit on your phone
whilst getting the attention of whoever you want to get you.

Relax, Etisalat free SMS/ Call me back sms help you achieve that.

It simply helps you notify another etisalat user of whatever situation
is on ground.

Below you get to find the various Etisalat Free SMS/ Call Me Back SMS
options and the codes of how to send them.

Please call me back, Thank you *266*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I love you *266*1*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I landed safely *266*2*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, I am now available *266*3*Etisalat No#

Please call me back, It is an emergency *266*4*Etisalat No#

To send call me back sms to another Etisalat user all you need to do
is Dial *266* the corresponding number value depending on the call me
back sms format you want to make use of, the person's etisalat number,
# then SEND.

Example; To Send a call me back to an etisalat number with the Please
call me back I love you option. all you need to do is, Dial

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